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modulus of elasticity of concrete

modulus of elasticity of concrete

(PDF) A practical equation for elastic modulus of concrete

Many empirical equations for predicting the modulus of elasticity as a function of compressive strength can be found in the current literature.They are obtained from experiments performed on aAggregate bond and modulus of elasticity of concrete The difference between the modulus of elasticity of aggregate and of hardened cement paste is shown to influence the bond stress between the two materials and therefore the shape of the stress-strain relation.Better monolithic behavior of concrete,which is beneficial,for example,when temperature cycling is expected,is achieved when the difference between the moduli is reduced.Author Jagadeeswari Kalla,Srinivas Karri,Kranthi Vijaya SathiPublish Year 2021Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete Spreadsheet - CivilWeb The modulus of elasticity of concrete of normal density can vary between around 14GPa and 41GPa but structural quality concretes usually have a modulus of elasticity of around 22GPA to 31GPA.These modulus of elasticity of concrete values in psi can be converted by multiplying by a factor of 145,038.

Cited by 14Publish Year 2017Author Mahdi Nematzadeh,Saeed Fazli,Morteza Naghipour,Javad Jalali(PDF) Modulus of elasticity of low strength concrete

The modulus of elasticity is one of the important parameters needed for the performance assessment,and if needed,retrofitting of these structures.The codes generally propose empirical equations for predicting the modulus of elasticity depending on the compressive strength of concrete.Cited by 173Publish Year 2008Author L.Zheng,L.Zheng,X.Sharon Huo,X.Sharon Huo,Y.Yuan,Y.Yuan15.MODULUS OF ELASTICITYChapter 15 Modulus of Elasticity page 85 Tab.:36 Value of modulus of elasticity for some materials Material Modulus of elasticity [GPa] aluminium and its alloys 65 - 73 ceramics 8 - 12 concrete 15 - 40 steel 125 diamond 1000 lightweight concrete 0,8 - 2 low alloy steels 200 - 210 polystyrene 3,2 - 3,5 silica glass 60 - 90Cited by 18Publish Year 1995Author Pilar Alaejos Gutierrez,Manuel Fernandez CanovasPROCEDURE FOR MEASURING THE MODULUS OF FSELmeasured compressive strength will be applied.The modulus of elasticity of the concrete will correspond to the average slope of the stress-strain responses captured during cyclic loading.ASTM C469 (Ref.7.1) and ASTM C42 (Ref.7.2 ) formed the basis for the development of this procedure.

Computation of Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete

concrete having the specified elastic modulus.When the concrete mix ratio is specified as input,the computer quickly prints out the elastic modulus of the concrete obtainable from a given concrete mix ratio.Keywords:-Modulus of elasticity,Concrete,Computer programs,Simplex theory,Regression theory.I.INTRODUCTIONDetermination Of The Modulus Of Elasticity Of ConcreteThe modulus of elasticity of concrete,in general,refers to the ratio of the applied stress on the concrete to the strain-induced.The test for determining the modulus of elasticity of the concrete is known as a compression test on the cylindrical concrete sample.The test typically consists of an arrangement of the compressometer and applying Determination of Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity of ConcreteAn experimental investigation was carried out to determine the dynamic modulus of elasticity of pozzolana Portland cement concrete.Large numbers of concrete cubes were prepared in the laboratory

Effect of Cylinder Size on the Modulus of Elasticity and

AbstractIntroductionExperimental ProgramResult and DiscussionConclusionsAcknowledgmentThe elastic modulus of concrete is of great interest for design of new structures and condition assessment of existing structures.In structure design,there are requirements for serviceability of concrete structures such as maximum permissible deflections and allowable story drift for high-rise buildings in general building codes [1 1.ACI Committee 318,Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-11) and Commentary,American Concrete Institute,Farmington Hills,Mich,USA,20See more on hindawiCited by 19Publish Year 2015Author Byung Jae Lee,Seong-Hoon Kee,Taekeun Oh,Yun-Yong KimBasic properties - ConcreteFor example,the modulus of elasticity of a lightweight aggregate concrete of strength class 25/30 and oven dry density 1850 kg/m 3 should be taken as 31 x [1850/2200] 2 = 21.9 GPa.Making cubes on site Acknowledgement The Concrete Society Concrete Bookshop - Members receive 40% discount on Concrete Society publicationsElastic Modulus of Concrete - LinkedInJan 22,2017·Concrete generally have an elastic modulus varying between 30 to 50 GPa.The factors affecting elastic modulus of concrete are 1- Coarse aggregate properties-Elasticity modulus,shrinkage,and creep of high-strength Equation (1) is the calculation for the modulus of elasticity of concrete E c according to the pre-2005 AASHTO LRFD specifications Eq.( E c = 33,000w c 1.5 f' (1) where c f' = compressive strength of concrete w c = density of concrete related to modulus of elasticity,shrinkage,and creep of concrete.The experimental program was

Evaluating the Dynamic Elastic Modulus of Concrete Using

AbstractIntroductionExperimental ProgramResult and DiscussionConclusionsConflicts of InterestAcknowledgmentsIn the design of structures,the elastic modulus of concrete () is a fundamental parameter in estimating the deformation of a structural element under service conditions.In practice,has been estimated from compressive strength based on the design code rather than on direct measurement.This practice could underestimate and demand higher compressive strength to achieve a desired than is actually required in structural design [1 1.J.S.Popovics,A study of static and dynamic modulus of elasticity ofSee more on hindawiCited by 14Publish Year 2017Author Byung Jae Lee,Seong-Hoon Kee,Taekeun Oh,Yun-Yong KimStandard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity and 3.2 The modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio values,applicable within the customary working stress range (0 to 40 % of ultimate concrete strength),are used in sizing of reinforced and nonreinforced structural members,establishing the quantity of reinforcement,and computing stress for observed strains.Evaluation of Elastic Modulus of Fiber-Reinforced ConcreteThe elastic modulus of concrete is considered one of the most important mechanical properties of concrete for deter-mining the static and dynamic behaviors of new concrete structures.It is a fundamental parameter needed for evalu-ating the deformations and the intrinsic frequencies neededExperimental analysis on modulus of elasticity of slag Jan 01,2021·Ec = E = 5000 f c k in M P a Modulus of elasticity of concrete can be determined by compressometer/extensometer () and test procedure is specified under Indian standard code IS:516-1959 and this test procedure also specified by ASTM C469 (American Society for Testing and Materials).2.Information on tests conducted 2.1.

Experimental study on modulus of elasticity of steel tube

Jan 01,2017·The application of steel tube-confined concrete (STCC) columns is increasing significantly in many modern structures such as housing structures,high-rise buildings,and bridges.Modulus of elasticity or stiffness is considered one of the most important elastic properties of STCC columns from the viewpoint of design and structural behavior.File Size 239KBPage Count 14Strength,Modulus of Elasticity,Shrinkage and Creep of this study,the elastic modulus of concrete varies from 4.50x106 to 6.00x106 psi.For the lightweight aggregate concrete,the modulus of elasticity varies from 3.00x106psi to 3.70x106 psi.As shown in Figures 5-18 through 5-21,two different normal weight coarse aggregates give considerable influence on the elastic modulus of concrete.High Performance Concrete Modulus of ElasticityThe modulus of elasticity of concrete is typically calculated from a compressive strength test of a concrete specimen.From these strength tests,stresses and strains are measured and plotted.The ratio between stress versus strain on these diagramsis called the modulus of elasticity,

Modulus Of Elasticity Of Concrete - Civil Engineering

A good,normal concrete mixture has an E-modulus of 25.000-30.000 N/mm2.Please note that the higher the E-module,the higher peak stresses will become! Which means that the higher the E-module in concrete,the sooner cracks will appear!Modulus of Elasticity Steel,Concrete Steel - Video Dec 07,2017·The modulus of elasticity is material dependent.For example,the modulus of elasticity of steel is about 200 GPa (29,000,000 psi),and the modulus of elasticity of concrete is around 30 GPaModulus of Elasticity of Concrete - Civil EngineeringModulus of Elasticity of Concrete can be defined as the slope of the line drawn from stress of zero to a compressive stress of 0.45fc.As concrete is a heterogeneous material.The strength of concrete is dependent on the relative proportion and modulus of elasticity of the aggregate.

Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete - Civil Wale

Jan 10,2021·Modulus of elasticity of concrete is the measurement of the stiffness of the concrete which is a good indicator of strength.At a higher value of modulus of elasticity,the concrete can withstand higher stress and become brittle.In general,Concrete has an elastic modulus in a range of 30 to 50 GPa.Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete CalculatorApr 16,2021·Calculate the modulus of elasticity of concrete in accordance to different design codes.Most design codes have different equations to compute the modulus of elasticity.Brief Description Modulus of elasticity is one of the most importantModulus of Elasticity of Concrete Concrete TechnologyDec 18,2017·Elastic modulus of concrete can be classified into two main groups as 1.Static modulus.2.Dynamic modulus.

Modulus of elasticity of concrete? [3 Different standards]

Mar 04,2019· ACI 31808,(Normal weight concrete) the modulus of elasticity of concrete is ,Ec =4700 fc Mpa and IS:456 the modulus of elasticity of concrete is 5000fc,MPa.Related searches for modulus of elasticity of concreteconcrete modulus of elasticity psimodulus of elasticity of steelelastic modulus of concrete aciconcrete young moduluselastic section modulus of plain concretemodulus of elasticity of concrete calculatorshear modulus of concrete in ksiec of concreteSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextStatic modulus of elasticity of concrete measured by the concrete,ultrasound,ultrasonic pulse velocity,elastic modulus,static modulus of elasticity,dynamic modulus of elasticity Abstract Lately,a huge number of accidents caused by problems found in the durability of concrete structures due to inappropriate project design,lack of control of quality during the project \s execution,inadequate

Strength,Modulus of Elasticity,Creep and Shrinkage of

1 strength,modulus of elasticity,creep and shrinkage of concrete used in florida by boris haranki a thesis presented to the graduate schoolStrength,Modulus of Elasticity,and Brittleness Index of Nov 11,2008·An American Concrete Institute equation could reasonably predict modulus of elasticity of rubberized concrete.Brittleness index values of rubberized concrete were lower than that of normal concrete,which means that rubberized concrete had higher ductility performance than that of normal concrete.Test to Determine Modulus of Elasticity of ConcreteProcedureLoad-Deflection GraphCalculation and ResultsPrecautionsThe test procedure involves two stages.Initially,the compressometer is set-up,followed by the application of load and testing.See more on theconstructorPublished May 09,2019Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson Ratio of concrete Sep 13,2013·Find values for the Youngs Modulus and Poissons ratio from the data.Calculate the theoretical values the Youngs Modulus and Poissons ratio.Calculation Procedures Youngs Modulus E=(s 1-s 2)/(e 2-.000005) s 1 =the stress corresponding to the longitudinal strain of 50 micro strain.

The modulus of elasticity of high performance concrete

To determine the modulus of elasticity of concrete precisely is very important for structures that require strict control of the deformability.International codes propose a wide variety of formulae which establish a relationship between modulus of elasticity and compressive strength.Most of these codes are valid up to 50 MPa,the usual limit for normal concretes.What Is Modulus of Elasticity?Modulus of elasticity (also known as elastic modulus,the coefficient of elasticity) of a material is a number which is defined by the ratio of theModulus of Elasticity of ConcreteModulus of Elasticity of Concrete can be defined as the slope of the line drawn from a stress of zero to a compressive stress of 0.45fc.As concreTest to Determine Elastic Modulus of ConcreteThe following video (source youtube) will help you to get a good idea about the experimental procedure of determining modulus of elasticity ofExplore furtherModulus of elasticity of concrete? [3 Different standards]civilclickModulus of Elasticity of Concrete- Determination and theconstructorModulus of Elasticity of Concrete Concrete TechnologyengineeringenotesConcrete - PropertiesengineeringtoolboxRecommended to you based on what's popular FeedbackModulus of Elasticity of Concrete- Determination and Apr 11,2019·Modulus of elasticity of concrete (Ec) is defined as the ratio of the applied stress to the corresponding strain.Not only does it demonstrate the ability of concrete to withstand deformation due to applied stress but also its stiffness.In other words,it reflects the ability of concrete to deflect elastically.

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